dr kamini rao
Dr. Kamini A. Rao, Founder & Director of Medline Academics and recipient of the Padma Shri

Has a venerable clinical and research career in reproductive medicine. Her artistic energy, diversity and versatility are well acknowledged in the country’s medical and research community. Inspiring, enigmatic and a blessing to aspiring parents, she is an explorer and never stops teaching the masses on how to get every last second worth each day.

Dr. Rao is best described as an individual with a fine blend of diligence, enthusiasm, determination and desire. The pioneering role that Dr Kamini Rao has played in the field of Assisted Reproduction has resulted from the extensive study, enormous research and credible achievement through dedicated service, adding value to her patients’ lives. Dr Kamini Rao’s latest venture Medline Academics features various courses in the field of Reproductive medicine.

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legal knowledge for medical professionals
Importance of Legal knowledge for Medical Professionals

Studying the basis of medical law by healthcare professionals allows them to be aware of basic elements of medical law, establishing the basis for good medical practice, developing adequate relationship with patients, exploring the essential needs of patients and medical care system, develops awareness and understanding of ethical, legal and professional responsibilities required of them to reflect adequately resolving ethical, legal or professional issue.

Did You Know, that practice of Assisted Reproduction was common in Ancient Hindu Culture. The Mahabharata lists a 100 Kauravas, and one daughter, who were born to Gandhari and Dhristrashtra. The epic describes Gandhari as having a prolonged gestation, after which she gave birth to a lump of immovable flesh. Gandhari’s story did not end with a “still birth.”

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