legal knowledge for medical professionals

Importance of Legal knowledge for Medical Professionals

Studying the basis of medical law by healthcare professionals allows them to be aware of basic elements of medical law, establishing the basis for good medical practice, developing adequate relationship with patients, exploring the essential needs of patients and medical care system, develops awareness and understanding of ethical, legal and professional responsibilities required of them to reflect adequately resolving ethical, legal or professional issue.

Assisted Reproductive Techniques Act

Did You Know, that practice of Assisted Reproduction was common in Ancient Hindu Culture. The Mahabharata lists a 100 Kauravas, and one daughter, who were born to Gandhari and Dhristrashtra. The epic describes Gandhari as having a prolonged gestation, after which she gave birth to a lump of immovable flesh. Gandhari’s story did not end with a “still birth.” As the legend goes, the “fetus” was divided into a hundred pieces, which were put in jars to which ghee added, and incubated. Finally, 101 children were born, one by one. This narrative is strongly reminiscent of in vitro fertilization (IVF), with the multiple pregnancies that commonly occur with it.

Biomedical Waste Management Rules

Bio-medical waste means any waste, which is generated during the diagnosis, treatment or immunization of human beings or animals or research activities pertaining thereto or in the production or testing of biological or in health camps. All such waste which can adversely harm the environment or health of a person is considered as infectious and such waste has to be managed as per BMWM Rules, 2016.

Ethical Guidelines for Medical Professionals

Did You Know? Soliciting of patients directly or indirectly, by a physician, by a group of physicians or by institutions o is unethical. A medical practitioner is however permitted to make a formal announcement in press regarding the following:

  • (1) On starting practice.
  • (2) On change of type of practice.
  • (3) On changing address.
  • (4) On temporary absence from duty.
  • (5) On resumption of another practice.

Medical Negligence Act

Medical negligence has become one of the serious issues in the country in recent years. Even the medical profession, which is known to be one of the noblest professions, is not immune to negligence which often results in the death of the patient or complete/partial impairment or any other misery which has adverse effects on the patient’s health. There are instances where doctors who are under-educated leads to the proceedings in the court of law due to the magnitude of negligence or deliberate conduct shown by the doctors. Around 52 lakh medical injuries are recorded every year in India out of which 98,000 people in the country lose their lives in a year because of medical negligence.

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