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Welcome to Medline Academics

Medline Academics is a global E-learning platform that is commenced by a team of experienced professionals in the field of Healthcare and Management. It is an exclusive e-learning platform and the first of its kind in Obstetrics, Gynecology and reproductive insight.

By adopting new and emerging practices and technologies in their modules with experimental and nonexperimental designs, this e-learning platform is rapidly growing. Medline Academics is the online foray of India’s most trusted names in the Reproductive Health Space.

The platform is aimed at providing students, professionals, and individuals alike who are looking to broaden their horizons. Medline has developed excellent quality content which has been curated by experts to provide learners with recent and relevant updates. The platform is intuitive to navigate and offers ease of access on a variety of devices including desktop, laptop, and mobile platforms.

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Four decades of Teaching Excellence

Dr. Kamini A. Rao, Co-Founder & Chairperson of Medline Academics and recipient of the Padma Shri, has a venerable clinical and research career in reproductive medicine. Her artistic energy, diversity and versatility are well acknowledged in the country’s medical and research fraternity.

The pioneering role that Dr Kamini Rao has played in the field of Assisted Reproduction has resulted from the extensive study, enormous research and credible achievement through dedicated service, adding value to her patients’ lives.

She completed her MBBS and DGO and moved to London for higher studies. Further, she completed her MRCOG, DORCP, MCh and trained under the renowned Kypros Nicolaides in Foetal Medicine. She completed her Fellowship in Foetal Medicine from Foetal Medicine Foundation while simultaneously training in Infertility at Kings College London and entered the field of Assisted Reproduction.

Having spent ten years in the UK, she decided to return to India and start her own Infertility Centre in Bangalore Assisted Conception Centre.

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Message from
Co-Founder & Managing Director

Dear Esteemed Readers,

It is with immense pleasure and pride that I, Pooja Sidharth Rao, as the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Medline Academics, extend my warm greetings to each one of you. I am honoured to be joined by Padmashree Dr. Kamini Rao, a distinguished name in the field of healthcare, as we introduce our revolutionary e-learning platform.

Medline Academics was conceived with a mission to transform healthcare education through innovative and accessible online learning. Our platform combines cutting-edge technology with the expertise of industry leaders, paving the way for a new era of learning in the healthcare sector.

As a renowned fertility specialist and Padmashree awardee, Dr. Kamini Rao brings her vast experience and invaluable insights to Medline Academics. With her guidance and support, we aim to create a platform that empowers aspiring healthcare professionals, practitioners, and researchers to enhance their knowledge and skills.

At Medline Academics, we understand the importance of quality education in the healthcare industry. Our platform is designed to provide comprehensive courses, curated by leading experts, covering a wide spectrum of medical specialties, research methodologies, and emerging trends. Through our meticulously crafted modules, learners will have access to in-depth theoretical knowledge, practical applications, case studies, and interactive assessments.

We believe in the power of collaboration and fostering a sense of community among our learners. Medline Academics provides a platform for networking, peer-to-peer discussions, and mentorship opportunities, facilitating a vibrant learning ecosystem. We encourage our learners to connect, share their experiences, and collectively contribute to the growth and advancement of healthcare education.

In addition to our core offerings, Medline Academics also hosts regular webinars, conferences, and symposiums featuring renowned experts and thought leaders from the healthcare industry. These events serve as platforms for knowledge exchange, promoting dialogue, and encouraging continuous professional development.

We envision Medline Academics to be a catalyst for change, driving innovation and excellence in healthcare education worldwide. Together, with Dr. Kamini Rao and our esteemed team, we are committed to empowering healthcare professionals and shaping the future of healthcare education.

On behalf of Medline Academics, I invite you to embark on this transformative journey with us. Let us unlock the doors to new possibilities, broaden our horizons, and make a lasting impact on the healthcare landscape.

Thank you for your trust and support.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The duration of our courses varies depending on the type of certificate course selected. Short-term courses typically range from 2 to 5 days of practical training, accompanied by 30 days of online theory modules. Our fellowship programs span a duration of one year.

Yes, upon successful completion of the course, you will receive a certificate. Additionally, a system-generated certificate is issued upon completion of each theory module.

Yes, we offer the flexibility to choose either theory-only or hands-on-only sessions. Additionally, we have a dedicated certification course specifically focusing on Ovum-pick-up training, which spans two days.

Certainly. You have the freedom to choose the timing of your simulation training sessions to best suit your schedule and preferences.

Yes, we provide hard copies of textbooks in addition to the theory modules only for the fellowship programs.

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