Dr. Sudha Suresh is currently serving as the Additional Dean of MSU GEF (M) International Medical School, specializing in building international collaborations in education. Additionally, she is also a board member of Medline Academics. With a distinguished career spanning over 30 years, she has held various academic positions, including Associate Dean at the International Medical School and Director of the Coventry Clinical Physiotherapy program at Ramaiah.

Dr. Suresh has extensive experience in senior management, corporate advisory roles, and curriculum development, contributing significantly to Manipal Universal Learning and other institutions. Her research spans 3 decades, focusing on neurophysiology and evoked responses, with notable achievements including two consecutive terms of five-year accreditation by the Malaysian Medical Council during her tenure as Additional Dean.

Dr. Suresh holds dual Ph.D.s and is recognized for her expertise in brain mapping, electrophysiology, and clinical investigative techniques. She has been honoured with scholarships, research fellowships, and served on ethical boards and advisory committees. Dr. Sudha Suresh's current interests include medical education, curriculum restructuring, and ongoing research on the neuroelectric profile in alcoholism and genetics of mental health disorders.