Dr. Akanksha Mishra is a dedicated expert in the field of Clinical Embryology, specializing in making dreams of parenthood come true since 2003. She holds an M.Sc. in Clinical Embryology from the University of Oxford, UK. Currently serving as the Director and Chief Embryologist at Janini IVF in New Delhi, Dr. Mishra has played pivotal roles in many other leading fertility centres. She is also the Embryology Faculty Head at Medline Academics in Bangalore, imparting her knowledge to aspiring professionals.

Dr. Akanksha Mishra is a proud recipient of the Star Embryologist Award presented by ISAR in 2023 and the Mylan Pharmaceuticals Brightest Young Scientist Award in 2013. Beyond her clinical work, Dr. Mishra has actively contributed to the scientific community. She has authored several published papers and chapters and has been a valued faculty member in various workshops and conferences.