18 Nov, 2022

Screening for cancer of the Cervix

Who can get cancer of the cervix?

Any sexually active woman can get cancer of the cervix. However, there are a few women who are at a higher risk (probability) than others in getting cancer cervix.

liquid based cytology

Who are the high risk women for Cancer cervix?

The following factors are well recognized risk factors for cancer cervix:

  • a) Early age of marriage and/or early age at first intercourse.
  • b) Early age at first child birth. Multiple pregnancies.
  • c) Sexual promiscuity: Multiple sexual partners or sexual partner with multiple partners.
  • d) Persistent HPV (Human Papilloma Virus) Infection
  • e) Co-exists with other sexually transmitted diseases like HIV, syphilis and gonorrhea.
  • f) Smokers
  • g) Women receiving immune-suppressant drugs

Who must undergo screening for Cancer of the cervix?

All women who are sexually active currently or have ever been, merit screening for cancer of the cervix.

What are the tests done for cervical cancer screening?

Inspection of the cervix
Cervical smear ( Pap smear or Liquid based cytology)
Colposcopic examination
HPV DNA testing

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