Dr. Mohammed Ashraf C is an Associate Director and Senior Embryologist at Milann Fertility Center. Being a clinical embryologist, his areas of interest include Oocyte growth and maturation, In-vitro maturation of oocytes, Role of cytoplasmic transfer in ART, Assisted Oocyte activation methods, embryo metabolism as well as quality control and optimization of methods in the embryology laboratory. Mr. Ashraf is active in clinical research and academics and has trained many embryologists globally.

Further, he has co-edited the Principles and Practice of Assisted Reproductive Technology, Volume 3 by Dr Kamini A Rao. His expertise in the subject made him contribute to numerous international textbooks and scientific journals besides, being involved in research projects. He is a peer reviewer for the International Journal Of Infertility And Foetal Medicine, and also served as an Assistant Professor, at the Department of Anatomy, Kannur Medical College.