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27 Aug, 2022

Top 6 IVF references from Netflix

As infertility in human beings rises exponentially, fertility treatments have become an everyday talk. So much so that many mainstream media with millions of viewers include scenes related to IVF to get more people to watch their shows! It is encouraging to many infertile couples who are struggling to complete their families that their icons or the characters who they absolutely relate to go through the same problems they are facing in their lives. This again is evidence is that fertility specialists are a need now more than ever! Medline academics offers online and offline courses for clinicians and for people with life science background to start their journey in reproductive medicine, infertility and embryology with courses of various levels and top-quality training. Let us see how our favourite characters dealt with infertility!

Phoebe’s talk with the embryos


We all must agree that we all shed a tear or two while Phoebe from the show F.R.I.E.N.D.S tried so hard to give the best gift to her brother and his old wife which is being a surrogate to her brother’s kids or in her words being an oven to their buns! Although the whole 19-year-old brother marrying the old professor in her 50s situation was rib-ticklingly funny it is a big deal for older people to conceive a healthy baby and grow it for 9 months. Surrogates come in great hand for females with unhospitable uterus. Phoebe gave the greatest gift possible and made the biggest sacrifice giving away the triplets and there is no match for her emotional endurance.

Jake and Amy try to make a baby

jake and amy

There cannot be a cuter couple Jake and Amy from Brooklyn nine nine! Be it the proposal at the heist till he decides to be a homemaker dad, Jake has always proved his innocent love towards Amy. When Amy struggles with pregnancy Jake says “I really wanted to start a family. You and me. So, you know, we can keep trying or look into IVF or adoption or if we want, we can forget about the whole thing. But if we’re together, I’m happy no matter what”. Again, Jake did not fail to prove that he is the cutest husband Amy could have ever found. This scene is so special for couples fighting infertility that they feel normal that infertility can affect couples as perfect Jake and Amy!

Sheldon and Amy and their idea of making a baby on a petri dish

sheldon and amy

Sheldon sure does not know about his fertility status even though he tried “masturbating for money” at a sperm bank in the very first scene of the first episode of the iconic show – Big Bang Theory. He meets Amy, a girl from an online dating app filled up by Rajesh Kutrapali and Howard Wolowitz. Although neither Amy nor Sheldon seems to have any knowledge of courtship, they will want to have a baby of their own grown on a petri dish. It definitely did not fail to bring some giggles from the audience when Sheldon shares his thought on making a baby using IVF because he can create a baby with an IQ equivalent of Sheldon and Amy’s combined!

The Turner’s struggle with IVF

the turners

Friends from college is a new romantic comedy that in detail shows how traumatic an IVF journey can be physically and emotionally. The Turner’s go through hell as they fight with their relationships while Cobie Smulders is injecting a million EpiPens with hormones ruining her physical beauty. As bad as infertility treatments are portrayed to be in this show, viewers going through this procedure relate more to the characters and thus makes it easier for them to go through the same experience without feeling like a cursed odd couple.

Rick and Morty: Giant incest space baby

rick and morty

The best science fiction adult animation show ever created “Rick and Morty” also has an IVF reference! Rick, thinking the semen sample is of a horse from her daughter’s clinic uses his science to make a disaster which results in forming an incest fertilization which is shot off to space by the president and finally ignored calling it space’s problem which develops into a giant incest baby which helps Morty’s family from a robot in a later episode. Nothing more random and funny could ever happen in any other show!

The painfully funny “private life”

netflix private life

Private life is an incredibly relatable story for couples struggling with infertility. This not so young couple face plethora of humiliations from peers and from each other. Be it Richard getting his sperms aspirated from his testis to Rachel making a decision of getting a donor egg, the movie takes us through a roller coaster of emotions. The movie is left on a cliff hanger without knowing if the couple get pregnant or not maybe insinuating to its viewers that it is completely normal that people go through this experience and not find the happy ending of having a baby they always dreamt of.

Fertility specialists have been giving hopes to families struggling with fertility. We need more fertility specialists now more than ever! As the fertility rates of human beings drop drastically, science is catching up to help people complete their families. Start your journey of becoming an infertility specialist opting one of the online courses in reproductive medicine and embryology of various levels available for clinicians and people with life science background offered by medline academics.

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